Saturday, December 24, 2011

Namokar Mantra


Namo ariha.ntaaNaM
Namo siddhaaNaM
Namo aayariyaaNaM
Namo uvajjhaayaaNaM
Namo loe savvasaahuNaM

eso pa.ncha Namokaaro
savva paavapaNaasaNo
ma.ngalaaNaM cha savvesim
paDhamaM hava{ii} ma.ngalaM

I bow to the Arahants, the perfected human beings, Godmen.
I bow to the Siddhas, liberated bodiless souls, God.
I bow to the Acharyas, the masters and heads of congregations.
I bow to the Upadhyayas, the spiritual teachers.
I bow to the spiritual practitioners in the universe, Sadhus.

This fivefold obeisance mantra,
Destroys all sins and obstacles,
And of all auspicious repetitions,
Is the first and foremost.

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