Thursday, January 3, 2013

Attack ON Jain Muni At Girinarji

Stop Mistreating of Jain Community At Mount Girnar

According to the Jains, it is the spot where the Jain Tirthankara Lord Neminath attained nirvana

Jain Pilgrims are often mistreated and beaten by Local Hindu Community as there is a conflict of area between Jains and Hindus which is still pending in Court Cases.

Jainism only resolves to Ahimsa (Non Violence) which also was followed by Mahatma Gandhi in Freedom Fight for India.

Hindus accuse Jains of manipulating with the facts and breaking Hindu Idols none of which is true. History tells us with proper Evidences that the place has always been of special relevance to Jain Community.

On January 1st, a terrible incident happened with one of Jain Muni's Shri Prabal Sagar Ji Maharaj who was stabbed repeatedly by a Hindu Attacker. The plight of the situation has worsened. These atrocities cant be tolerated anymore.

We request President of India to look into this matter and ensure proper security for Jain Pilgrims.
Please support the Petition and help this reach higher authorities 

Click on following link to write your views to Chief Minister of State of Gujarat

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